Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Game Day: 2008

I am finally recovered from a LAN party I attended on Saturday. It was my second-ever LAN party so I kind of knew what to expect; a bunch of guys who bring over their tricked out PC's along with a card table and chair and geek out on some intense games. I was pretty tired come Sunday (the day after) probably because I crashed so hard after eating junk food and a few cans of Amp energy drink.

My attendance was with about 20+ other dudes all crammed in the basement level(s) of a friends house. Guys showed up to move furniture, setup an ongoing food buffet as well as to setup and wire everyone in. Guys brought and donated various hardware such as Cisco switches, network cables and dedicated game servers to get this party started. As geeky as its sounds, this was a blast!

My near 12 hour stint had me playing an ol' classic with a new twist: BattleField 1942 with the Desert Combat mod. This was the game I played the most mainly because I knew how to play it (from my 1st LAN party) and some of the guys didn't have any other game to play. At times we had over half the guys playing it; half the guys were on team Axis (the bad guys) and the other half on Allies (yup, the good guys). Other games I jumped around to throughout the day and night were Counter Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source. Both these games I had downloaded via Steam but hardly had a change to get to know the controls. Needless to say I wasn't as good on them but the were still a blast. I got schooled in Counter Strike: Source but managed my own in Day of Defeat: Source.

Since my Xbox is out of commission and my wife being out of town the country for 2 weeks, I think I may be playing these Windows games on my Mac utilizing Bootcamp. Wish me happy gaming!

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  1. heh, welcome to the world of the LAN party, i have to say i haven't done one in about 12 years -_- we have this thing now called the internet. about 15 years ago my friends had countless LAN parties (we were nerds), we would play either oldshool (the first one) Warcraft, Command and Conquer, or Marathon (Bungies predecessor to Halo....).