Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to the Mac: my Macbook Pro is here!

I finally got it! After a few years of saving, dreaming, saving some more then spending it on something else, I got the Macbook Pro I've been dreaming of.

Yep is a Mac. And proud of it.

After working with one of the first Apple IIGs at home when I was a kid, the G3/PowerPC models in college and the first few years of my professional career life in the Printing/Publishing industry, I've always been a fan of the Mac. Even after 6+ years working in I.T. supporting, maintaining and even designing the look and feel for the Windows XP for over 5,000+ machines, I still wanted the Mac. Why? I have an answer in three words:
reliable. secure. easy-to-use.

Ok, so the last word is actually three but you get my drift. After seeing all the issues with the Windows registry, viruses, spyware, adware, 'defragging', etc... the Mac is by far a superior machine and operating system. I could go on giving you my Obama/McCain debate on the subject but I digress.

I picked up the Macbook Pro at my local Best Buy store. Why? Well, I bought it there as opposed to online or at the nearby Apple store because I could a.) finance it on my Best Buy card and b.) earn Reward Zone cash so I have an excuse to go back and buy some more techno-gadgets!

I've already setup this 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (with 160Gb hard drive, 2 Gb of RAM and 256Mb video card) machine loaded with VMware Fusion which allows me to run Windows XP as a second operating system at the same time as Leopard as well as a BootCamp partion so I can simply boot to Windows XP on a second had drive partition for an upcoming LAN party I am attending. My biggest hurdle is moving all my Outlook items (Calendar and Contacts). I have a phone that won't sync with the Mac (unless I purchase a third party application) so I am utilizing my VMware machine to handle my Outlook duties until this March when my wife and I switch back to T-Mobile. At that point I will get a phone that is Mac compatible for syncing or better yet maybe I will get an iPhone and hack it. I'm not at all concerned about not being able to open files from work, etc because there's Office for the Mac or better yet, free alternatives to Office such as OpenOffice.

While the sales of the Apple/MacOS computer take more more of the consumer marketshare, I still use Windows XP for/at work (and probably always will). I like the idea that my machine at home is safe from hackers and most of the world. So while most of you will be worrying about viruses, spyware and all that other stuff, I'll be sitting back, relaxing and enjoying my new Mac. Have fun!


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