Sunday, February 25, 2007

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns 02/23/07

Tooks the boys to their 1st Timberwolves game and they loved it. Well, it took them awhile to get used to sitting up so high in the stands. It was Crunch's birthday that day so the boys enjoys some great shows by the mascot and his friends!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Business Trip #4 - Phoenix, AZ

Just got back from sunny Phoenix, Arizona! Nice weather and simply a nice place to be with alot of catus plants around! Work wasn't as bad; actually got out to The Yard House for a nice dinner consisting of Fish and Chips as well as a few Pyramid Hefeweizen brews. I also hit an authentic Chinese Seafood buffet close to the hotel and enjoyed a Tsingtao beer. I also stopped by the Chinese market/store and picked up some soda; it wasn't bad; check out the pic below! I stayed at a DoubleTree which was pretty darn nice as well. Oh yeah, snagged a nice Ford Mustang for a rental car too!

Monday, February 12, 2007

New Music: Chris Daughtry - "Daughtry"

Aight, here it is. It's now the number 1 album in the country right now; my 2006 American Idol prediction winner (that lost) Chris Daughtry. His first album simply called Daughtry. Its mostly the pop-rock ballad-type stuff but its pretty good. There one straight up rock track called "What I Want" which features Slash on guitars. This album is not bad; something you and the Mrs would enjoy. Check it out here!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

"The Closet Project" 2006

So I finally got around to scrounging up the pics on our last little project around the houe. We re-did our master closet; changed it from what came with house to a closet system. We bought all the supplied from Home Depot which consisted of Pergo floor laminate, and ClosetMain closet components. The project took me/us about 1 full day. This was my first attempt doing flooring and was actually pretty simple. The hardest part was cutting the angle and finishing the final pieces by the pocket door. I still need to nail in the trim pieces along the floor; I'm waiting to get a nailgun ;) Enjoy the before, during and after pics here.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Business Trip #3 - Sacramento, CA

So my 3rd trip has been the shortest. This time it was to West Sacramento, CA. The weather was a bit warmer than San Fran, however I must admit, I wasn't outside much to enjoy it. The co-worker that I went out with didn't get out much; we ended up going to a users house to assist with some computer issues and the second night we went to Chevy's Fresh Mex for dinner. I had a few margaritas on the rocks and...they rocked! I ended up doing some side work in the evening so all was good. The flight to Sacramento was a bit shorter last trip and it helped that I had a second battery so I could catch up my favorite podcasts: DL.TV and JoesPodhole. The trip back was even better. Even though there was a plane flight to catch in Phoenix on the way back, I flew US Airways and they had a movie to watch on the plane! I watched Grid Iron Gang and listened to some tunes. I was pretty impressed with the flight overall.

Next trip....Phoenix!