Sunday, April 30, 2017

DIY: Bluebird House

Hey fellow wood-workers! Spring is here and if its not too late, here's something I've made a few of years back... blue bird houses! These are solid and work great! Its really nice that you can flip down the front piece at the end of the season to remove the old nest. Simply close it back up and insert the pin the following year for a renewed use!

Click here for some old-school DIY dimension cutouts!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

GoPro footage: Timelapse of drive

So just for funsies, I created a timelapse video of a family drive from our home in sweet Carver, MN to the urban jungle of a state called Illinois. OK, it wasn't a drive to the shady area of Chi-town, but rather to the area of Rockford and its surrounding communities (even through there was a shooting in a few miles from where we were at during the time; we went out to eat across from the scenes of the crime).

This was an experiment and a little fun for me to test drive the GoPro Hero 5 action cam. Enjoy!

On the way out (check out G rockin' in the background!):

On the way back (yes we drove past a crash on our way back!):