Monday, September 21, 2009

Northshore Inline Marathon 2009

WHOOPS! I forgot I had this blog post in my list of drafts! It's been a few months so I've tweaked it some (and backdated the post). Enjoy-

So this years Northshore Inline Marathon was a pretty memorable one. There are many stories to be told and probably not enough creativity to tell the whole story and yet keep you interested. With that being said, I'll give it my best; it goes a little something like this:

Inline?? Whats that mean?

Um, just a modern, more cool, hip way to refer to the popular 80's term, 'Rollerblading'.


The Northshore Inline Marathon is probably one of the most easiest, yet hardest marathons you could do. The reason I say that is because its all done on inline skates. Its still hard because it is still 26.2 miles. This year, the word hard, was a near understatement. Seeing this was the first 'real' competitive race I took part of this year (compared to the 6 last year), I have to admit I wasn't in peak physical condition... and boy, I really felt it during this race!

The race started out ok, I was thinking my 2 inline training workouts on the Midway Greenway Trail system actually paid off but soon realized after mile 7 that I was in for a looooong haul. At that point I knew I had to start doing some serious & steady pacework if I was gonna finish. I basically kept the legs moving while trying to stay pace with my significant other. She was doing much better than me even though it was her first time on blades since last years' marathon (yeah, she stayed in better shape than me by running a few races doing kettle bells, etc)!

Mile after mile, I hung in there. My heart rate monitor was going off the charts, especially after trekking up any slight incline or hill, but I was able to make up some great ground on my way down (I've got my weight to thank for that). At times I didn't think I was going to make it, especially right before the last 3 miles or so. It was the last, long stretch of road. All flat. At the end of that stretch comes what I feel is probably the 2nd worst hill of the whole course (the absolute worst being the one just before the finish line). Once I got to that hill after the long flat stretch, I knew I could get 'er done. My form was off the wall-the-wall horrific (and I have a small tiny, thumbnail picture to prove it) but I made it. Yes, I made it.

The post race activities were good. Some time in the hot tub and I was good to go. As usual we made our rounds around 'downtown' Duluth and even made the annual trip to Fitger's Brewhouse for some fine brews. To wrap this up, we did sign up for next year, but I declare right here, right now... I'm  going need to be sure I'm in better shape the next year.