Friday, March 30, 2007

Windows XP Theme: Royale

Here's a really cool theme for those of you still using Windows XP. It's a theme called Royale and it will give your bland old Windows XP desktop a brand spanking new look and feel. Visit this site to download and install the theme!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Business Trip #6 - New York, NY

Ah, trip number 6. New york, New York. By far the best trip yet. I stayed in a fancy hotel called The Roosevelt (Yep the same one where the Jennifer Lopez movie, Maid in Manhattan was filmed. This place was downtown Manhatten and pretty close to Grand Central Station.The biggest thing I noticed about NYC is everyone is always going! Well, at least everyone downtown. My days were busy but was able to walk around at night and see alot. In addition to the Grand Central Station, I was within walking distance of Times Square, Rockefeller Center as well as other places and things you would only see on TV or in the movies.

Shelly came out over the weekend so we enjoys seeing some of the sites together. We stayed over St. Patricks weekend so there was the big parade just a few blocks away. We went to see that but man that was long! We watched for a few hours and called it quits.We went to see some friends of mine play down there as well for St. Patricks Day. The Wild Colonial Bhoys played at a pub called The Parlour a few nights so we made it a point to go there and see them; By the second day, we were taking the subways all around. I must say the subway system is really cool. I wish our lovely state would have such a transit system...

Overall this trip was very cool, just because I got to see alot of thems and spend the weekend with my wife. We went everywhere from Ground Zero to the Statue of Liberty, and from Chinatown to Little Italy. Check out some of the pics from my trip below, because I only have a few more trips to make!

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Business Trip #5 - Chicago, IL

So this trip was different. First of all it was so close to home. The flight was like an hour or so. I didn't even get to watch a whole episode of Lost on the plan ride out there! So the flight was short and so was the trip; I ended up coming home a day earlier in fear of getting stranded out there by the 'superstorm' that hit the cities. I was able to catch a flight back on Wednesday afternoon which meant leaving the office out there in a hurry. The other fun thing to this trip was the fact I wasn't feeling all that well the 2nd day. I think I ate something bad. Oh well, I'm still alive! The stay at the Holiday Inn was nothing to write home about either. Overall, a very bland trip...Next trip...NYC.