Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY: A 'Classic' Sawhorse!

So I was rummaging through some printouts I had when I was cleaning out the garage and came across this - Instructions to build a 'classic' sawhorse. I know, not very exciting but I decided to post this because I did make a set of these many years ago (2005 as a matter of fact) and they are still solid as ever TO. THIS. DAY.

I tried to browse to the url that was listed on the printout however it looks like the source ( decided to re-vamp the design/instructions a bit. HOWEVER, through the magic of the internet, I was able to dig through The Internet Archive: WayBackMachine ( and find the article. Click HERE for that original post.

If you're looking for a breakout/detailed diagram of the pieces needed, no need to worry... I scanned in my analog copy and posted it HERE!


PS: Here is the updated post from as it stands today:

Here are some other plans (some for free and some for $$):