Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Job

So the 'big change' is I accepted a position at United Health Group (UNH). My official job title is a 'Senior IS Systems Analyst' and I start in a few weeks. This all happened unplanned and out of the blue. I was definetly not job searching but a few positions opened up at my wifes' company that were in my area of expertise and interest. I looked them over and after som ethinking, applied for one of them. Not really expecting much I went on with my life as usual. After a few days I got a call from the UHG recruitment office and wanted to set up a phone interview! Well, I did the phone interview and almost immediately got a call to have me in for an in-person interview (my wife was shocked; she says they never move this fast in the hiring process).

Well, I was pretty shocked and was kinda torn seeing this all happened pretty fast. I set up an interview on a day I had scheduled off and had group interview. A member of the team along with the manager were in-person as well as the rest of the team were on the phone whom are based out of the Boston, MA area. I thought I did well; nothing too suprising. I always tell to myself before an interview to just 'be yourself' and everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

No more than a week passed when the recruitment services called again and said they would like to offer me the position. After some usual forms and salary negotiations, I had a formal offer...and accepted!

This new position will focus in on one of the areas I was involved with at Black Box; The Altiris client suite(s). Although I was a bit weary of stepping away from a position that allowed me to get my hands involved with alot of different things, I feel the position will be a 'stepping stone' for future career opportunities at the company. My new work location will be near Hwy 394 and 169; about 6 miles further north than the Black Box office was at. I am wrapping up my final at Black Box this week.

Wish me luck!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Winds of Change

Are a' Blowin'. Stay Tuned...

Prison Break

Now that Heroes and Lost are done for the season, I am now catching up on Prison Break! I only caught a few episodes of this show in its 1st season but remembered liking it. Well, thanks to a particular family member, I was able to watch the complete 1st season on DVD! I finished watching the 1st season about 2 months ago and already have season 2 downloaded to my computer. (Thanks to the interweb.)

I must say this show is pretty good. Its kind of brutal as far as the violence but I guess thats what you should expect for a show about a 'prison break' and convicts. I am about halfway through season 2 so far and its definetly keeping me eager to jump the next episode. I should be all caught up by the time season 3 starts up this fall. I will then have 3 shows to keep up on!

Am I getting myself to ties to these shows? I don't think so; seeing rarely watch them on the night they air anyway :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Check out these pics of our our friend(s?) that we've seen hanging around the house. We've seen more snakes this summer than we ever have. This particular rat snake has been spotted twice, only this time is was at our front door! Click here to check out some the pics snapped by my panic'd wife.

Oh and if you didn't know what Ophiophobia means, it means "Fear of Snakes".

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007


Transformers. "Its more than meets the eye." This was just one of many "retro Transformers" saying in the summer blockbuster hit that my wife and I saw last week. I am happy I went to see it.

The Good: Special effects were very good. However it was more than that.I was really suprised on how many times I caught myself laughing at Shia LaBeoufs' character. There are definetly some funny parts in the movie.Otherwise the storyline was OK, but the action and special effects were spectacular.

The Bad: I thought some scenes went too long. In particular, the scene where the Autobots go to Sam Witwickys' house so they can get the item that was up for auction on eBay (yes, that is part of the movie plot). This scene I swear went on for 20 minutes and could have been 10.

Overall: This movie was pretty darn good. I'd rate it as the best one of the summer. I've seen Spiderman 3, Fantastic 4 and this is the best thus far. The most suprising part was my wife actually liked it. I give it a 3 out of 3.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


For those of you who were wondering how I get the nice links on the right side that list the lastest tunes I've been listening to, here's the scoop: Part of this is due to my trusty iTunes player but the other is a cool site called Last.fm. This site is one of many that allow people such as myself to incorporate things in my personal life and tie them to the web via MySpace, or any other blog-type site. All I do is use a cool little application on my 'puter called iSproggler. iSproggler simply looks at tracks played in both my iPod and iTunes recent playlists and lists them on my Last.fm userpage. To get this info to my blog, I use a cool little Wordpress plugin called Last.fm Records. The update takes place every Monday morning automatically.

For those of you whom are into blogging/MySpace, check the links above and spice up your site/page!