Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Lake Rebecca singletrack mountain biking footage!

Some of you may know I have been a fan of the bicycle since I was 2 1/2 years old (heck, see the picture here to prove it!), I've virtually done it all. From at first being a basic rider then graduating to BMX freestyle in elementary school (and breaking my arm off a half-pipe), to having a bike as my main mode of transportation throughout the first few years of college at Winona State and then on to mountain biking (MTB) as well as road cycling, I've almost done it all with a bicycle!

Well, after going over the handlebars a few weeks back, I said t the guy I was riding with, Pat, that I should have had that on video. Well, the next time I went out, I figured I'd strap my GoPro 5 to my helmet and take a ride! I went out on Saturday, July 27th with a different friend, John, out to Lake Rebecca along with a few others from my local bike shop, Michael's Cycles.

I didn't crash, but a few (including John) did! Sorry I don't have those on video, but you can see from the below, I was on my own for a good portion of the 2-hour ride. I only got about 40 minutes of it on video and even then, I sped it up and clipped out most of it to about 4 minutes.

See below for that video (or click here to download). Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lost footage - Homebrew Con 2017 - Timelapse video from the JAB booth!

Hey strangers! Long time, not a lot of posting happening out here, but seeing I have some vacation time here at the end of 2018, I figured I'd post some things I've had laying around.

As some of you know, I am an avid homebrewer of beer for many years. As part of this hobby, I participate in a local homebrew club called the Jack of All Brews, based out fo the west metro. As part of this club, we participated in the national event put on by the National American Homebrewers Association called Homebrew Con.

Below was some 'forgotten' footage of a GoPro cam I had stuck into the corner of our booth. This particular footage was the evening where all the homebrew clubs from across the nation joined to share and talk about their beers. You can see fellow club members standing around, serving and chatting with others throughout this ~3 hours event... heck, I even make an appearance at one point! Overall a great night mingling with fellow brewers!

Click on the below image to pull up the video (or click here to view or download a hi-resolution file version!). Cheers!