Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to make Windows XP last for several more years

So awhile ago, I posted a blurb about my making the switch to Windows Vista. Well I must confess after about 3 months, I switched back ( I know I was quiet about it). It wasn't really do to performance, it was simply about convenience in regards to software and hardware compatibilities. For instance, I was having some issues using Remote Desktop, my Microtek would only work with limited capabilities due to lack of driver support as well as a few other things, so I decided to switch back...I know this is a mute point with me now as I am now happy with my secure, user-friendly yet powerful Macbook Pro running OS X... but I do run Windows XP in a VMware session as well in Bootcamp for Outlook (until I get a new cell phone) as well as those days when I wanna PC game.

One thing I did when I switched back (and when I setup my Bootcamp and VMware machines) was to apply some great looking themes. Specifically, I installed one called Royale Noir. This XP theme supposedly was a theme made for Windows Media Center Edition so it is very slick and classy looking. There is another one out there called Royale which is very similar looking and still very cool. This one is more 'official' than Royale Noir but both are absolutely FREE.
With the announcement of a Windows XP Service Pack 3, XP is going to be around (and officially supported) for a few more years. So don't feel pressured to upgrade to Vista. If you think you're missing out on the look and feel (because that is what I really think Vista is all about: 'eye candy'), check out this article on how to jazz up your Windows XP machine so it looks and feels like Windows Vista.

Happy computing!

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