Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waterpark of America

I'm back after a short overnight trip to the Waterpark of America this past weekend. You've heard of this place right? It's the HUGE waterpark located near the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. I've been to a few waterparks in my time and yes, his is the biggest indoor waterpark that I've been too (even bigger than the Wilderness Resort located in Wisconsin Dells, WI).

Not only is the waterpark huge, but the line to check-in when we got there was huge as well! My lucky wife waded through the line to get us checked in and about 30 minutes later we had a room...well so we thought. We went up there only to find out they were still cleaning them! Oh well. We waited about 15 minutes (along with all the other families we went with) and eventually got in in order to change into our swimwear.

After getting on our wristbands, we all headed down to the waterpark and tried to stake claim to some area to put our towels, shirts and sandals. We were lucky - we found a few empty chairs. The boys proceeded to hit the water playground area for awhile followed by the lazy river and eventually a bunch of us hooked up to go down the family-sized raft/tube slide. The line for this was huge but its was pretty cool. Once was enough for the 2 rugrats.

After rotating from the water playground, lazy river, hot tub rotation about 20 times I got a neighbor friend to go wait in line for the surf simulator! The wait for this was long as well but it was fun to watch people try and do this. For the most part most people could some managed to do a few tricks even. Well needless to say by awesome natural surfing abilities kicked in and was able to ride the wave for a few minutes then graciously surf off to the side where I exited without issue. After a few times at this, the neighbor and I were attempting barrel rolls! Eventually, the rest of the group saw us and joined in on the fun. Even my 6 yr old did it a few times!

I could go on and on but overall the weekend was good. The waterpark is busy with alot of lines for the bodyslides, tube slides as well as the surf simulator but well worth the wait (especially for the surfing). We all had fun and look forward to going back. If you want to see a quick clip I put together of some boogie boarding, click on the quicktime icon (sorry I seem to be the only one who is able to operate the camera so no video footage of me tearing it up).

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