Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Book Review: AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll: The Ultimate Story of theWorld's Greatest Rock-and-Roll Band

Aside from this being the longest title of a blog entry, its also been a long time since I've read a book! Sad I know.

I actually started this book while on vacation to Jamaica back in December. This was a big book - 400+ pages, so thats my excuse. The book is a biography of 2003's Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame inducted band, AC/DC. The author does an excellent job detailing (almost too detailed) the history of band including the 'brainchild', Malcolm Young and his more recognizable schoolboy clothed-wearing brother, Angus. I think one of the reason it took so long was the beginnings (meaning the days before AC/DC) took along time to get through. For a die-hard AC/DC fan, this book is for you.

I could go into alot of detail here but if you're into books about bands, this would be a great one to check out. The book covers the early days as they worked through the ranks in their home country of Australia, including the acquisition and hiring of the legendary frontman, Bon Scott, who really put them on the music map. It covers all their early ups and downs - the biggest of course is the death of Bon back in 1980. From there, they go into the Brian Johnson era and the making of the 22 time platinum selling album, Back In Black. The book covers all the albums, tours and personal tribulations they endure all the way up to the late 90's. The one cool thing I liked about this is book is the fact they go through an album-by-album breakdown and some of the things the band were doing, syaing around the time of the recordings. As I was reading, I'd take a break and listen to the particular album I just read about (Yeah I have most of the AC/DC discography).

As I am typing this, I am watching the AC/DC - Plug Me In DVD set. It's kinda funny; these guys played alot of these American Bandstand type TV shows in the early days w/ Bon. You can tell they are setup and staged; some elude to the fact they are lip-syncing! Love it!

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