Friday, October 12, 2007

My 15 seconds of fame on radio

OK. This week is a little weird. I've had a post almost everyday; definitely not typical, but I've got another one! Yesterdays Last nights post was about KFAN this past Wednesday. I listen to the 'Fan when ever I can and had been listening to a newer show via Podcast called Video Games Weekly. This show is geared for some really hard-core gamers but I thought I would call to express my enjoyment of the game from from a 'newbie' perspective (oh yeah I asked about a good game for the kids as well). Click here to listen to the podcast directly from KFAN. My call starts around 16 minutes into the show!


  1. [...] on just picking one up at our local Sam’s Club or something. Well, as a avid listener of KFAN’s Video Games Weekly, I knew these things were hard to come by so when I walked into a nearby Gamestop just browsing for [...]