Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Job

So the 'big change' is I accepted a position at United Health Group (UNH). My official job title is a 'Senior IS Systems Analyst' and I start in a few weeks. This all happened unplanned and out of the blue. I was definetly not job searching but a few positions opened up at my wifes' company that were in my area of expertise and interest. I looked them over and after som ethinking, applied for one of them. Not really expecting much I went on with my life as usual. After a few days I got a call from the UHG recruitment office and wanted to set up a phone interview! Well, I did the phone interview and almost immediately got a call to have me in for an in-person interview (my wife was shocked; she says they never move this fast in the hiring process).

Well, I was pretty shocked and was kinda torn seeing this all happened pretty fast. I set up an interview on a day I had scheduled off and had group interview. A member of the team along with the manager were in-person as well as the rest of the team were on the phone whom are based out of the Boston, MA area. I thought I did well; nothing too suprising. I always tell to myself before an interview to just 'be yourself' and everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

No more than a week passed when the recruitment services called again and said they would like to offer me the position. After some usual forms and salary negotiations, I had a formal offer...and accepted!

This new position will focus in on one of the areas I was involved with at Black Box; The Altiris client suite(s). Although I was a bit weary of stepping away from a position that allowed me to get my hands involved with alot of different things, I feel the position will be a 'stepping stone' for future career opportunities at the company. My new work location will be near Hwy 394 and 169; about 6 miles further north than the Black Box office was at. I am wrapping up my final at Black Box this week.

Wish me luck!

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