Thursday, July 5, 2007

For those of you who were wondering how I get the nice links on the right side that list the lastest tunes I've been listening to, here's the scoop: Part of this is due to my trusty iTunes player but the other is a cool site called This site is one of many that allow people such as myself to incorporate things in my personal life and tie them to the web via MySpace, or any other blog-type site. All I do is use a cool little application on my 'puter called iSproggler. iSproggler simply looks at tracks played in both my iPod and iTunes recent playlists and lists them on my userpage. To get this info to my blog, I use a cool little Wordpress plugin called Records. The update takes place every Monday morning automatically.

For those of you whom are into blogging/MySpace, check the links above and spice up your site/page!

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