Thursday, May 24, 2007

Concert Review: Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Puddle of Mudd

I'll still trying to get my hearing back after this concert last night. This show was featured at one of the new clubs in the Twin Cities simple called The Myth. This venue is very good sweet! My take on this place is a mix of 1st Avenue absed out of Minneapolis and another club called The Quest. Excellent sound system, LCD displayed all over the place to see the action on the stage if you either can't see or if you're hanging out in back. If you have a chance to see a show it!

I usually don't catch many national acts unless the lineup is good. Obviously this one was.

There were actually 4 bands total. The first band was called Red. I've never heard of them before but they were'nt too bad and put on a decent show. It was hard to pinpoint what they sounded like...which is kind of a good thing. I will probably check out their tunes online or something. The next band was Puddle of Mudd. They were good. They had a simple stage setup and looked like they just rolled out of bed, but I like them. The highlight of the show was when they covered "Breed" originally by 90's grunge band, was spot on. The next band was when I sent down to 'the pit'. Breaking Benjamin was the band I really wen to go see and ranged from 3-5 'rows' from the front. This is te second time I've seen them; I've got all their albums and they simply rocked the house. The final band was Three Days Grace. These guys were good. By the time they got onstage I already got out of the mainfloor area and stood stage left. These guys played all their hits and were pretty good. Well, I have no rock shows I am planning to attend for the near future, but stay tuned, you never know!

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