Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Business Trip #8 - Miami, FL

So the final trip for the project I have been working on. It ended us in Miami, Florida! This is probably the top trip both due to the location, the person I went with and the amount of fun we had. The office was on Miami International Airport grounds so it was pretty easy getting to and fro the hotel. We worked some long days but were able to unwind every night at the Embassy Suites with a FREE happy hour; or in our case it was a happy 1/2 hour. We would end the day having a few drinks then heading out to find some sort of dinner. We went to a Bennigan's which was is stumbling distance from the hotel and also made a trek to TigerDirect.com which was kinda cool and also checked out a Cheeseburger In Paradise restaurant near the University of Miami campus.

Overall the highlight of the evenings was on Thursday when we went to Coconut Grove and hit a few bars/clubs. We spent most of our time at Coyote Ugly. We stayed out late and slept in a bit on Friday. We ended up heading to the Miami Beach /South Beach area and sun a nice sunburn before we flew home. Overall a great trip and a fun one to end it on!


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