Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I was enjoying my long Memorial Day weekend when I got a text message from a buddy of mine whom I host and manage a website for. He said in his text that his website was hacked! Within minutes I checked into it. Indeed the main page was changed; not only for his site but others as well (including this one!). I called my web site server company about this and they confirmed this. The good news is it was only the main index.htm pages that got 'hacked'.

As to how the person(s) got into the site; well it could have been many things - a keylogger on a clients' machine, a security flaw in an online application such was Wordpress or a simple password crack/guess using automated "robots" (scripts). First thing I did was changing my root passwords and immediately changed the FTP and e-mail passwords for my friend. Needless to say in the coming days I will be looking into this further. A good time to cleanup old Wordpress installs that were used for testing as well as other scripts no longer used.

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