Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DIY: Flyrod case

With the coming and (passing) of the Wisconsin and Minnesota fishing openers, I thought I'd post a little Do-It-Yourself thing I did a few fishing seasons ago. I made a few custom fishing rod cases out of PVC pipe. Although I made a few of them, I only use one because I can fit all 3 of my flyrods in one case! Check out the materials and instructions below:

1 - 2" PVC pipe
1 - 2" cap
1 - Female adapter
1 - Plug
PVC cement
Spray paint

Cut the pipe to appropriate size (I made one of mine 5' long) and connect and cement all the fittings (except the plug of course). I bought all my materials from Home Depot and the guy in the dept actually glued the female adapter and cap on for me in the store! Once they were dry, i bought some green and tan spray paint and painted the body one color and the end caps the other color. I made 2 of these rod cases for about $20! Only downside is the paint seems to scratch off the PVC somewhat easy. I may try and sand down the pipe then paint it again. Good luck!

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