Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Rickrolled"- Defined.

Have you ever been Rickrolled? Have you ever heard of it? If not, I'll get you up to date. Actually, by the time you read this is probably old news. Anywho, according to WikiAnswers, Rickrolled is best described by the following:
"A rickroll is a prank played on an unsuspecting web surfer. To be rickrolled is when browsing a website (especially a discussion forum or comment board), one comes across a link expecting it to lead to one thing, but finds something completely different when the link is clicked.

The name Rick refers to 80s pop singer Rick Astley. The standard rickroll generally involves someone posting a link claiming it leads to something quite interesting (e.g. hot chicks in panties), but actually linking to a video of Mr. Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up." This is usually considered a major let-down."
Just so you're clued in to it (before every Larry, Moe and Curly try to pull this over on you), click on THIS LINK to be officially Rickrolled.

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