Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ever wanted to take certain applications on the go with you without taking your computer? With PortableApps, you can install a set of applications directly to an external media device such as a USB jump drive and take these programs with you. You could then be able to run these programs on any Windows-based PC!

Why would you want to use PortableApps? Well I've been using them for awhile and the reason I use them is so I don't have to install anything on a friends, parents or (in my case) a work machine. I simply plug in my USB jump drive and launch the 'starter' application window and choose whichever app I want to run! So for instance, I have Firefox on it so I have some common bookmarks/favorites saved on there so I can easily browse the web wherever I want and don't have to remember url's. The other main app I use is called PuTTY. It allows me to establish a direct, encrypted connection back to my home network in turn allows me to remote control or surf in complete anonymity. For example, it keeps me secure while using an open wireless access point at a coffee shop or something.

The only real downside I see to this is it may be a bit slow simply because you are restricted to read and write speeds of the jump drive, but you could always use a small external drive that is high speed. I know this is alot of geek talk but this would definitely be useful for most people these days. If you have a spare jump drive laying around, give it a shot!

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