Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mii and the Wii

ANOTHER VIDEO GAME SYSTEM? Yeah, but this one was for *the kids*. We gave them the ever-popular Wii this past Christmas.

Although this was probably the hottest gift this past holiday season, we got one. I actually stumbled upon it. Wifey and I were already talking about getting this for the boys but were planning on just picking one up at our local Sam's Club or something. Well, as a avid listener of KFAN's Video Games Weekly, I knew these things were hard to come by so when I walked into a nearby Gamestop just browsing for used Xbox games, I was surprised to hear the guy say to me, "Are you here for a Wii?". I said, "No, but I was thinking of getting one. How many do you have?" He said they had a few (as UPS was dropping of numerous boxes that were taking up about 1/4 of the store floor). After a quick call to 'the boss', I quickly snatched up the Wii, as well as another game, wiimote and a nunchuck.

The gift turned out to be a great game console set! Even the 4 1/2 yr old picked up this game! I must say I was very impressed that the kids picked up on this and had a great time. Personally, even I was surprised that the games were are as fun as they are. The interface is simple, the games are simple. I think thats why this game is so popular. Even though the graphics aren't as good, no online co-op play, this is a great way to get together with the family and play against each other or even play on the same team.

I highly recommend getting one; even the adults can have fun with this thing! I like playing the Wii Sports, which is the game that comes with the system. I'm actually a 'pro' ranking in the Tennis, and Bowling games!

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