Saturday, March 15, 2008

Landshark Lager

New beer alert!

I heard about Landshark Premium Larger on one of my podcasts, Diggnation, so I went online and looked up their website. It looked cool, sounded like something to try so I did a search within their site to see where the nearest retailer was that stocked it. Cool, there was a place nearby.

Well, I went and got a 12 pack while I was running some errands today and cracked one open with a neighbor over some Papa John's. "Hmmm." I thought it. Not horrible but not too great. I must say its mediocre at best. As far as taste, it says its an 'Island style lager' so I would put it in the category of a Corona/Corona Light, Red Strip Light or something to that sort.

I now have 10 left and don't plan on taking them on anytime in the near future...Maybe they'd go better with a slice of lime... Oh well. At least I have my Miller Chill.

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