Friday, October 17, 2008

Podcast Pick(s): TwIT network

It's been awhile since I've last recommended a podcast, so I wanted to share a BIG one that I listen to. Well, its not just one that I listen to but rather a handful of them. The network is called TwIT ( and it hosts many (like 12 or so) different podcasts. The main person behind the TwIT network is Leo Laporte. Leo is the general host but, depending on the podcast, has a guest (or guests) that are subject matter experts that contribute in a professional and entertaining way. The shows cover various topics... everything from gadgets to security and food to law. However, the underlying topic in most of these podcasts is tech.

The 'casts that I subscribe to and listen on a weekly basis are: This week In Tech (a podcast that covers tech news in general), The Tech Guy (a podcast version of a weekend radio show based out of California), Munchcast ( a food-based podcast that covers a different food topic every week), Windows Weekly ( a podcast that covers Microsoft and Windows operating system topics), and MacBreak Weekly ( which covers Apple and Mac OS topics).

I know thats alot isn't it? Well, I usually get a chance to listen to these every single week; typically I listen to a few a day at work on my iPhone or on my commute back and forth to the office. If you have any interest in the latest news, topics regarding tech, is definetly a must have in your podcast player!

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