Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Podcast Pick: Tekzilla

I thought I would start a new 'Post Pick' on my blog. In addition to my 'New Music" and 'Old Music' posts, I thought I would post some of my favorite podcasts. With the addition of an iPod mount in my vehicle and my recent job change, I have been listening to more podcasts than radio as of late. And although this 'pick' is a video podcast, I thought I would point out I actually tend to watch more shows on my PC than on my TV nowadays; thanks to bittorrent. This video podcast is actually pretty new (less than 10 episodes as of this post) and its put out from one of my favorite podcast producing companies called Revision 3.

This podcast is called Tekzilla. It's a tech/gadget show which runs about 30 minutes in length. This podcast features Patrick Norton whom I watched for years on a different podcast called DL.TV. Well, he recently left that show to join the Revision 3 cast of characters and co-hosts it with Jessica Corbin. This podcast is fresh, hip and covers some cool technology gadgets and how-to's that will keep you entertained. (plus its nice to have a podcast thats features a woman for once; most podcasts consist of techno, geek guys such as myself)

Check it out!

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