Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy iPod

So I posted last week that I got a new Zune. Even though I have that I have not given up on my iPod. Even as old as it is, this 3rd Gen iPod is still sorthy of hanging onto. After the hard drive started making a loud clicking noise and would not read/boot into the menu, I quickly researched on some things to try.

After disconnecting the hard drive, re-seating it, slapping it a few times, I had given up. Working with computers as long as I have, I know the sound meant something bad. In my research I discovered getting a replacement drive is actually pretty cheap. I found a reputable place ( purchase one from and ordered it up. $40 and a week later my iPod is a good as new! It even has a slightly bigger drive that it had before!

Not bad for an iPod I never paid for to begin with! (I got the iPod unknowingly when I purchased a 2004 Jetta TDI a few years back)

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