Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain, Raccoons and Mushrooms, Oh My!

Wow. All the rain lately has really stirred up things around our house. Seems the rain brought a visitor to our garage yesterday...well thats when we discovered the raccoon (I named it 'Venom'). Shelly discovered it after our dogs went nuts barking at the garage door. She went and opened the door and screamed bloody murder! I came running figuring some accident happened or something only to find out we had a critter in mans territory...the garage.

After clearing the cars out of the garage we found it hiding in the wheelwell of the boat. I tried to get it out by poking it while I was in the boat but ultimately had to reserve to a neighbor to assist me with the effort. After about 10-15 minutes we got it out. I told Shell I could have had it out earlier if I was able t use the bb-gun; she wasn't going to have any of that.

So in addition to the days of rain, our yard is a garden of various mushrooms. Most are growing on old tree stumps in the backyard but I saw them all over as I was mowing the grass between rain showers we've been getting nailed with. So with all the heat and dry weather, we're getting all the rain all at once!

PS: The raccoon pictured here is not "Venom". The actual nemesis was much meaner and scarier. Of course.

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  1. keep it up and soon you can open a Carver zoo.