Saturday, April 14, 2007

Business Trip #7 - Philadelphia, PA

Ok, it was't exactly Philly but rather a 'suburb' of the area, Mt. Laurel, NJ. I arrived in the evening so by the time I got on the highway it was dark. I hope it was the darkness but the simple residential streets would not allow left turn and some times, not even right turns! They have kind of like freeway off/on ramps where you loop around to come back to the intersection; wierd if you ask me. Another goofy thing I encountered was getting around at the DoubleTree hotel I was staying at; I had a heck of a time getting around and finding my room; maybe it was the margarita I had at the bar but I seriously walked around the place 2 times in order to find my room on the second floor.

As far as restaurants, I hit a local Hooters place for some wings, had a nice microbrew at PJ Whelihan's, a mojito and margarita at Don Pablos and unfortunately some bad service at Outback Steakhouse (won't provide you with a link to them because of the horrible service). I did get to wander through the Historic District of Philly, so I walked mostly past monuments such as the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklins grave, etc. The regret I have is not being able to stop by Philadelphia's world famous Cheesesteak place, Pat's King of Steaks. Overall the trip was OK, didn't do much else except work.

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