Sunday, February 4, 2007

Business Trip #3 - Sacramento, CA

So my 3rd trip has been the shortest. This time it was to West Sacramento, CA. The weather was a bit warmer than San Fran, however I must admit, I wasn't outside much to enjoy it. The co-worker that I went out with didn't get out much; we ended up going to a users house to assist with some computer issues and the second night we went to Chevy's Fresh Mex for dinner. I had a few margaritas on the rocks and...they rocked! I ended up doing some side work in the evening so all was good. The flight to Sacramento was a bit shorter last trip and it helped that I had a second battery so I could catch up my favorite podcasts: DL.TV and JoesPodhole. The trip back was even better. Even though there was a plane flight to catch in Phoenix on the way back, I flew US Airways and they had a movie to watch on the plane! I watched Grid Iron Gang and listened to some tunes. I was pretty impressed with the flight overall.

Next trip....Phoenix!

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