Thursday, January 25, 2007

Old Music: Staind - Dysfunction

Here's a classic disc, I recently have been playing: Staind - Dysfunction. This album is by far the best Staind album they've put out in my opinion. From the very first track, "Suffocate", this 4 piece hits it hard with an in-your-face groove. If some of you remember, this was their breakthrough album, producing radio hits such as "Mudshovel" and "Just Go". I still remember seeing these guys at one of the X-fests probably back in 1999 or so. Since this disc, they've put out some classic hits that will be sure to go down in rock history. If you haven't heard this disc, here's your chance. I'll leave this link up for a week or so.

PS: if you dig the tune "Mudshovel", check out this original version, formerly called "Mudshuvel". This was off their pre-signed demo album titled "Tormented"

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