Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ubuntu: a free alternative to Windows XP

OK, so you think Linux is for geeks who drink Jolt cola and game and hack until the wee hours in the morning? Well guess again. If you haven't heard of Linux or Ubuntu, you will. Ubuntu is a FREE desktop operating system based on Linux. Ubuntu is gaining popularity because it is free and it is easy to use. I have been experimenting with Ubuntu on a spare machine of mine for the past year or so...it's pretty cool!

Yeah, it is different than Windows XP, and alot of your commerical products (such as Microsoft Office) will not run on Ubuntu but the good this is the Linux/Ubuntu world has FREE alternatives to programs such as Microsoft Office...and it comes bundled in with the Operating System! There is no Internet Explorer but there is Firefox, which again is bundled with the OS! If Windows has it, Ubuntu has some version of it as well. The interface/desktop is very nice looking and easy to use.

I must admit Ubuntu isn't for the newbie computer user. Even I am learning more and more about how to do things in Linux. The great thing about Ubuntu is it works out of the box and their is a great online community for support issues. So if you have a spare computer sitting around and your up for learning something new, give it a try!

To download Ubuntu, click here. To read a article on the growing popularity of Ubuntu Linux, click here.

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