Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ever heard of Lingo, Vonage or other voIP services?

I thought I'd put this little advertisement/plug up. Its for the 'new' voice-over-IP (voIP) phones. We go through a place called Lingo. We pay something like $22 a month for free long distance calls anywhere in the US and Canada as well as local calls. There are a couple of differnt plans but with our 'unlimited plan' we still pay less than what we were for our regular phone line.

There are some different carriers/providers out there such as Vonage. Some places offer differnt services with their plans, but Lingo has beenpretty good for the price up till now. We've probably had our service for about a year now. The only drawback is we will sometimes get a delay when we are talking to someone or other times we may get some static on the line.

All you need to sign up for this voIP service to to have a high speed DSL or Cable internet service! Feel free to comment if you have anyquestions. If you signup and refer back to me, we both will get a month of free service with them. Added bonus for us both!

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