Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Book Review: Motley Crue - The Dirt

The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band. Another typical rock n roll tale? Well I suppose it is...if you're living the sex, drugs and rock n roll life.

This story is amazing. This book follows the crazy and reckless lives of Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Mick Mars. I first started listening to Motley back in grade school. I remember a friend had a copy of Theatre Of Pain... I don't recall falling in love with the album but I did evently get Shout at The Devil, Too Fast For Love as well as almost all of them since.

The book has alot small chapters consisting of various tales of sex, drugs, some more sex and drugs and oh yeah...some rock n roll. Aside from all of name dropping from almost all the members (besides Mick Mars), this was a great read as a fan of the band. It has tales from the various tours they were on, perspectives from tour managers as well as industry reps.

If you're into the Crue, I recommend this book. I can't believe these guys are still alive and rocking these days. The stories these guys have is almost unbelievable.


  1. If you think that was good, now read "Tommy Land" about Tommy Lee... it's CRAZIE!!

  2. Dave, I already have that book from the local library and am reading it now!

  3. I SEE.... so, how do you like it so far??? BTW, notice TOMMY is in yet another band now - a soon to be reality show to boot! Anyway, my days of portraying that dude is long over... I still recall ALL the memories of meeting him and getting CRAZY. Then again... who knows... anything CAN happen - I just got a 'half sleeve' done a couple months ago with koi fish just like his!! HAHA-LATER BRO

  4. The book is pretty good so far. Kinda scattered but his stories are pretty wack. I saw the new band he is in...SUPERNOVA. You bet I'll be watching RockStar this season on NBC!