Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Retropie HDMI audio fix

Here's a quick fix for those of you scouring the interwebs for a reason (fix) why HDMI audio isn't working on you Raspberry Pi. It looks like some settings need to be configured within the config.txt file within Retropie. Here's the original video that solved my issue, but I'll break it down real quick for ya:

1. Boot up Retropie and exit out of Emulation Station using the GUI. This will get you to the shell/command line. From here do the following:
Type sudo nano /boot/config.txt (this will open the config.txt file in an editable form)

2.Find the following line and remove the "#" to uncomment out the setting (make them live)

3. Add the following (anywhere in the file; I did mine at the top)

4. Save by holding down the CTRL-X keys and type "Y" when is asks you to save and overwrite the current file

5. Reboot Retropie by typing in sudo reboot

BOOM! All should be fixed. Open a game and confirm all is well!

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