Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Ford gets an upgrade

So I just finished this DIY project of hooking up my 3rd Gen. iPod to my 'good ol' Ford F150. Ideally I would have loved to be able to connect directly into the the stereo to maximize the sound quality of the iPod tracks, however, because of cost, I ended up scooping up a Monster® iCarPlay™ Wireless Plus for iPod® at a local store. Now I did test out an earlier version of the Monster FM transmitter a few years ago but was very disappointed. Well, I heard good things about this one and am pleased with the quality; I would say the quality is no where CD quality but its close to"FM quality".

The cool thing I did was getting a custom mount for my vehicle by Instead of buying directly from them or the local Best Buy store and spending over $20, I hit eBay. Yeah, I got the bracket send via 2-day mail for under $10!

The installation directions from Bracketron suggested I have a profesisonal install the mount, but considering its an older vehicle and the instructions were pretty good, I got this installed in about 40 minutes! I am now rocking out to tunes, listening to my favorite podcasts as well as listening to audio books all playing off my iPod!

 Check out the finished pics below:

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