Thursday, June 28, 2007

Concert Review: Tool

This was the concert that I won some free tickets to from KFAN a month ago or so. It was a good show overall but wasn't the best concert I've ever seen. I brought a buddy so we ended up at Tom Reids a few blocks away from the Xcel Center for some brews and grub. I was pleased to see they had Fat Tire in stock, so I had a few. After catching up and stuffing the gut, we went to the show. We managed to get to our seats just as the first band, Big Business was starting. What a crap band. The only reason I even stayed to listen was the fact that I was confortable in my chair; this 'garage band' was either bad or to progressive/alternative for my tastes.

The show itself start around 9PM and Tool started out strong. They played alot of recognizable songs (even I don't know all the names of them). This show was a bit different in the lead singer wasn't up front of the stage, but rather back besides the drummer on a drum riser. He did't come of that riser one time...I guess thats just how he/the band is. The concert focused more on the musicians throughout the show, emphasizing their musicianship and skills.

This concert had pros and cons. The Pros: 1.) It was free 2.) I like about 75% of their music; this was the same for the concert. The Cons: 1.) Cound't hear the singer as well as I thought you should 2.) Too many long, noisy electronic interludes, intros/endings. I still must say...Tool rocks.

ps: another cool thing is I called in the morning after and talked about the show a bit on-air with the PowerTrip morning show!

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