Saturday, November 18, 2006

Concert review: Alice In Chains

I finally got to check out one of my favorite bands a few days ago. Alice in Chains came to Minneapolis this past Monday and I was lucky enough to get a ticket! This concert sold out in about 20 minutes from what I heard. First Avenue is a small club, so to see a band like this on that stage was very cool. I met a few buddies across the street beforehand and had a few beers. The doors opened about 6pm so we headed over there shortly after that; glad we did because the line to get in was LONG!

After getting in and watching the opening band called Hurt (Yeah they 'hurt' my ears too), my buddy and I started to mingle to the front during the final songs of the opening band. Well by the time Alice took stage, we were about 2-3 people back and in front of Jerry Cantrell. Alice was one of the most influential bands I listened to while in high school. I still remember playing alot of those songs with a bands that me and some buddies had. Alice played a great set and the setlist was phenominal. The best thing to note is the singer who is steppping in on this tour (after the overdose of original singer, Layne Staley) absolutely nailed these songs. He (in my mind) fit in well with these guys; not the same kind of guy that Layne was but different enough that still completely rocked each and every song.

Truly one of the BEST shows I've seen in several years. I took the above pics on my treo; I also took a short movie clip but that didn't turn out so well seeing I was about 2ft from the speakers.

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