Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The PowerTrip morning show

Ok, so it's the beginning of the football season, so I thought I'd throw something up that was sports related. I'm not a HUGE sports fanatic but I enjoy listening to this guy and his sidekicks. I have been listening to Mike Morris and the PowerTrip morning show for some time now and it's...well pretty cool. I tune into the on KFAN 1130 AM almost on a daily basis; it's ususally this or the KQRS Morning show.
Why you ask? Well, Mike is a former NFL football player, he likes hard rock/metal music, he's got an attitude and he's got a morning show! Besides most commercial radio sucks around here so I listen to talk radio, yeah I don't listen to the likes of 93X up here because they play the same stuff over and over. The PowerTrip morning show plays some cool 'bumper' music and have been actually turned onto some bands like Eighteen Visions and Thousand Foot Krutch because of it. Every Wednesday they have a guy come in from Sanctuary Records to talk about rock/metals bands, new releases and the music charts. Very cool. If you're not from the cities, you can stream all the radio shows online at KFAN.com

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