Thursday, June 29, 2006


Thought I'd share this little secret for all of you Windows XP users. We all know Windows XP has a built in CD-burning tool right? Well, take things a step further by adding the capability of creating and burning ISO files with Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder.

What is an ISO file? Basically it is a 'wrapped' file of a CD or DVD. With this tool you can insert your favorite CD or DVD and save it as an *.iso file. You can then copy that file to a jump drive, external hard drive (or some other medium) and use it later. With other utilities, you can "mount" ISO files as another drive letter or with this tool, simply burn a copy of the CD/DVD.

Note there are 2 versions to download and install; one for people running Windows XP Service Pack 1 and another for people running Windows XP Service Pack 2. This is not junkware or spyware, but rather a great tool to have! Download it here:

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