Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book Review: Tommyland

So another book review eh? Yep. I like these tales of rock n' roll. These people live quite the lives, let me tell you. My latest read was a suggestion by my bud, Dave Gronquist. Dave and I used to play together in Attict back in college. Dave was is a huge Motley Crue fan. Well after my review of The Dirt, Dave told me I should check out Tommy Lee's book, Tommyland.

Tommyland is an 'unconventional' book . At first it was hard to read. There are alot of footnotes as well as commentary by his 3rd leg if you know what I mean. Again, he has some great tales as well as he stink in jail which really changed his outlook on life. It brushes up on his relationship with Pamela Anderson, other partners as well as some of the other tragedies of his life. After reading this I have a new respect for him. Although he's a pampered rock star, he stresses that fact that he is a normal human being.

If your looking for another great rock n' roll read, here you go, this ones for you. And make sure to check out Tommyland: The Ride, his latest CD, it's very good.

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