Tuesday, April 11, 2006

While You (Shelly) Were Out!

Well, Shelly is back in the country so I can officially put this out for everybody to see. While Shelly was in Manila, I decided to do a little 'Extreme Makeover/ While You Were Out' on the office (which was pretty much 'my office'). Shelly has put her time in working at home lately so I thought it would be nice to get her a desk and a place to work as well.

About 75% of the items in this room were purchased from Ikea. I held on the the lights and one floor shelf but the rest was from Ikea. I think we can offically call it our Ikea room. The monitors were purchased through Dell (yep, they are 19" flat LCD panels!!) I re-used some leftover paint that Shell had used in our bedroom and think it worked out great. We lost a bit of storage space but most of it was junk anyways; it went off to the basement.

I did go over my budget but felt I got this far, I might as well get it done the way I wanted it. Special thanks to Shelly's sister Tami for helping me out with the shelf hanging and the placement and decor. Thanks to Shelly's parents for taking the boys off my hands for a few days!!

To see a few more pics of this makeover project, click here.

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